The benefits of using proxies that do not know

benefits of using proxies

As explained in previous articles, the use of proxies means that navigation is performed between the server and the proxy, thus leaving our team out of the process and hiding the IP of it. Thus, the proxy servers act as a bridge between your computer navigation and Internet.

Proxies navigate involves a series of benefits that we explain in detail below:

Improving the speed

The proxy works by sending the user to the page it has requested, after the proxy itself has accessed that page and has cached. When the proxy is shared, ie is used by multiple users, the proxy no longer has to perform the entire process when different users will request the same information, but simply checks that the page has not been modified and, in this case , rescues from its cache. That is why so browsing speed and greater connection using proxy servers.


One of the features of the proxies is to provide anonymity to the user. The proxy browsing with its own IP, hiding the IP of the computer from which you are browsing, so identity is hidden.

Greater security

Precisely because of the fact that proxies can hide the identity of the computer from which you are performing the navigation, this implies that the process is much safer. There are times when the user information can be traced through their IP, however, using the navigation hidden with proxies this does not happen, because it is impossible to follow the traces of a hidden navigation identity.

Thus, we can see how to navigate with proxies has significant advantages. You can try sailing with Spanish Proxies buying a package in any of the companies that offer them.