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Imagine that you have just struck out on your own, and you are ready to jump into the world of binary options trading. You've heard from several family and friends that it’s a great way to make money online, and the time has come for you to do it.

The only thing stopping you is that you cannot tell with which of the hundreds of online brokers you should open an account. There are several sites that compare the various brokers that can guide you, and our analysts have found the best comparison sites that can help you find the best online broker for your needs. was one of the best comparison sites that we explored. The first thing that we noticed was how easy it is to navigate the site. It lists what it considers to be the best brokers that it has reviewed. The brokers are all listed, with easily accessible links to each site. Alongside each broker name is a chart that contains the primary elements traders look for in a broker – minimum deposits, average return on investments (ROI), any relevant restrictions and an overall rating.

Of course, if you want a more in depth analysis of the broker, provides that as well, just click on the “Full Review” button, and you are directed to a detailed and concise review of everything the broker has to offer. The reviews are clearly written, and easy to understand, even for people with little no experience in trading binary options.

Does it really matter what broker I use? Isn’t all the same thing?

While the principle of binary options trading is universal, and there is certainly a similarity among most online brokers, there are still differences that can greatly affect your trading experiences.

For example, every broker has its own policy regarding money withdrawals, welcome bonuses, minimum deposit requirements, etc. More importantly, with hundreds of online brokers out there, it’s inevitable that some will prove to be less reliable or trustworthy than others. makes a point of only reviewing the brokers that it has found to be completely reliable. Traders can rest assured that any trading broker reviewed on will be an honest broker. That may or may not make it the best for a particular trader’s needs, but at the very least you don’t have to worry about being ripped off.

Trading binary options is fast becoming a very popular way for people around the world to earn money. Even traders with little or no experience can do it, especially when they find a site that allows them to learn the ropes as they go. Rather than wasting valuable money – and equally valuable time – searching through the online brokers to find the right one for you, is an excellent way to skip that step and find a broker much more quickly.

The sooner you have the broker, the sooner you can be earning money online!