What is the difference between a proxy and a VPN?

difference between a proxy and a VPN

Internet is the center of attention in our day to day, it is a "multipurpose" means since from Internet do all tasks, from playing our favorite game, visit our usual websites, work, visit social networks, and many other uses.

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It is well known that the World Wide Web is a site where you can access all over the world, we can find places where we can navigate without problems, but others not so much as Internet security is a bit ambiguous, because you never know well if the place we visited and or what we do at some point is endangering our privacy and or security.

There are many applications that help us in this task, from antivirus applications to all kinds of security that are in the network, in the end, Internet security is in yourself. One option to maintain our security is access the Internet using network resources we have at our availability, for this we will see it and serving a VPN and Proxy.

What is a VPN?

Lately the concept of VPN is a little distorted as there are many proxy settings that resemble the VPN, but we can say that a VPN allows us to connect via tunneling which basically consists of using a network protocol over another protocol, ie we use the local network protocol over Internet protocol, so we got to connect to certain points like we were in a local network.

Overall a VPN is typically used to access services where we blocked access, for example to other countries, but its main feature is the safe navigation or use for remote connections to work, or access content from a network Local from external Internet access.

What is a proxy?

A proxy you can define in many ways as there are several types, but broadly speaking, a proxy can say that is a computer that we place in the middle of a communication between two or more computers, as an example we can say that a computer A wants to access a resource of a computer C, we can do it directly, or using a proxy that would be a computer B to which we connect from a, and turn B connects to C, so that a is hidden for C in computer B.

Besides to hide a computer on the network, a proxy we can use to monitor traffic computers out to the Internet via proxy, for caching web pages, so if you could not access sometime in the web Internet, the server would have that stored web, and so from client computers to access the web. It can also be used to filter the type of content that can be accessed from client computers.

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As a final summary we can say that a VPN and Proxy have several things in common, besides depending on the type of proxy you configure it may seem a lot to a VPN, according to our needs use one or the other.